Saturday, February 19, 2011

Being sick really sucks

Okay, I've been sick for the past week. Really sick. Thankfully not the flu or strep throat, but a nasty virus that just wants to hang on. What this means is that I was knocked on my a&# and not able to get anything done last weekend. I LOST AN ENTIRE WEEKEND!!! If you recall my last post was lamenting the fact that I needed MORE time, not that I had time to lose. So, on this beautiful Saturday, I am locked in my office in Employment Retaliation hell. No, I'm not retaliating against anyone (yet), but trying to get my Comment for Law Review complete to turn in a rough draft next Friday.

So, I guess instead of sitting her blogging about my lack of time, I need to focus back in on the Congressional intent of Title VII and get back to writing.

Enough with the distractions.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time, Time ... All I Need Is Time

Okay, what you hear about the second year of law school working you to death is true. I've been busier this past month than I've been in a year an a half. But, I am in the process of writing my Comment for Law Review, working about 15 hours a week, and keeping up with classwork. I did okay in January to get some exercise in, but this week time (and cold weather) has kept me from exercising. I run the Mercedes 5K next weekend and eek! I know I can't run a solid 3 miles right now. Tragic! How quickly that training dissipates.

Work is going well and I love my job. I am learning so much and feel like they are letting me get in at the beginning of some really cool cases to work on. And while I hope that things work out for me there long term, I also know that I cannot put all my eggs in one basket so I'm going through interviews again this spring. My future is already worked out with more than I could ever imagine, so I'm looking not at the things ahead, but upward - having faith that my needs are going to be met and that God has a plan for me.

I've been a bit melancholy this week. Part of it is hormonal. (Sorry if that's TMI), but part of it is realizing that through this crazy process of law school people change. I know I've changed and part of that change I like and part I don't like. And while I cannot control the change in other people, I can control it within myself and work on those areas of me that I don't like so much. When people look at me, I want them to see Christ within me. And sometimes I can say that's probably not what is seen. Time to let that light shine and walk the walk!

I visited a new church last week - Christ City Church Birmingham. I really enjoyed the worship time and the message. I am going back tomorrow. I know that NewSpring spoiled us so much and try as we might, we aren't going to find another church in this area that is NewSpring. I love my church! But I also know it is important for me to be in a local church and get plugged in. While I can serve the community outside of church, I also need a church that I can serve.

Okay, that's enough stream of conscious writing for now. I need to get back to writing this Comment. Although with a soft snow falling outside, I wish I could curl up on the couch with Jeff and watch movies and drink hot cocoa. Oh yeah, I couldn't do that even if I didn't have work to do because Jeff and I have declared Saturdays "No TV day" in our house. But, that's a post for another day. Stay tuned!